Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NICU experience with our son

Our son, Owen, ended up in the NICU the same day he was born. This was a huge shock since the labor and delivery went great, and Owen seemed to be perfectly healthy. However, after we were put in the recovery room, they gave him his bath and took his vitals. They checked his hearing and listened to his heart and lungs etc. The nurse that listened to his heart listened, and listened and listened some more. Then the next thing I knew they took him to the nursery to run some tests as a precaution. That's all they told me! Hours went by! Seemed like an eternity! They took him from me for about 4-5 hours! They tested his heart with EKG and echocardiagrams. Then it was off to the NICU for him. It turned out that he had a low (bradycardia) and irregular (prolonged QT) heart beat. His heart rate was supposed to be at least in the 120bpm and his went down as low as the 60's and was not beating with a normal rhythm. It was scary, but yet I always had a feeling that he would be ok.

The nurses took great care of him, although not such good care of my families emotions and mine. The nurses spoke to Joe and I like we were children/teens. They kept important information from us and just out right didn't explain things or tell us much, until we asked to speak to the Doctor to hear what he had to say. They spoke to other nurses about us quietly under their breath and were extremely unprofessional! They made my mother cry, and to keep it brief without going into a big rant, those couple nurses made our NICU experience much more stressful (as if it wasn't stressful enough already) then it should have been.

We went to visit Owen as often as they would allow. So I went down to feed him every couple hours. It was very hard for me to walk to the NICU so after a couple times there and back and a nurses telling me to take it easy, Joe started pushing me in the wheelchair. I felt very short of breath everytime I had to stand or walk after I delivered. My legs were weak and I was very sore, especially from the stitches. My lungs felt so very heavy and I felt like I could never catch my breath so by the time I got to the NICU I couldn't even breath to stand by Owen's incubator. So I would sit and a nurse would give me him to hold.

Looking at Owen and seeing all the bruises and places he had been jabbed with needles and IVs was heart breaking. He even had needle marks and bruises in his head from them trying to draw so much blood so frequently. His heels were covered with marks, and his hands and arms and legs all had spots from needles. Holding him while being hooked up to all the heart wires was scary and sad too. Then hearing the monitors beep as his heart rate would drop, and the alarm sound when it dropped even lower. ... ... Needless to say, Joe and I are so happy that phase is over!

I was discharged monday night well technically 12am tuesday. That was hard to leave Owen in the NICU and go home! Worst thing ever!

Owen was in the NICU from Saturday evening December 10th until he was discharged Wednesday morning the 14th. Owen was hooked up to various heart monitors including a heart monitor while in the hospital. He also had periodic EKGs and ECHOs. Thankfully by the time he was discharged things looked mostly normal. He had to go back for a check up with the pediatric cardiologist when he was 2 wks old. And he has another check up next week March 27, 2012 at 3 months of age. He must go every 3 months for the first year of life to keep an eye on it all. So far so good! Praise God for a healthy baby boy since we have been home!

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  1. Praise God indeed!! Mr. Owen sure has a lot recorded in his baby book!