Wednesday, January 4, 2012

39 Weeks!

39 Weeks (December 8, 2011)
 This is my last weekly picture! Didn't know it would be at the time but two days later I delivered! This week my swelling all returned, and I continued to have all my other symptoms like sciatica, contractions, pressure, difficulty sleeping, difficulty walking too much... etc etc. At my doctor appt on the 7th I told my midwife that I had a few episodes of false labor where I would get regular contractions for hours at a time usually about 6-8 min apart but then everything would stop. The contractions were decently hard, not like braxton hicks and it turns out that they were real labor contractions (early labor) At my appt I was told that I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced, thanks to the early labor contractions/false labor! I was so happy! Midwife said all those false labor episodes were progressing me! She also said that she could tell I had dropped since last week just by my belly measurements! On the 8th I figured I should make sure I had all of Joe's Christmas presents because I wasn't sure how much more time I would have! I bought Joe a bicycle and then had to get it out of the car and up 3 flights of stairs by myself... while being 9 months pregnant! NOT EASY to do... and I don't really recommend it!
On the 9th I decided I should be productive so I cleaned my entire bedroom and also dusted the baby's room and the stair banister... not realizing I was nesting!

Later that same night Friday December 9th, Joe and I decided to be somewhat spontaneous before the baby was born and it was a good thing because it was the last chance we had before he was born! We decided to go to the Love Came Down at Christmas Jars of Clay concert at Lancaster Bible College. We got a free ticket at the door :) The concert started at 8pm... and so did my contractions. I had contractions 6 min apart throughout the entire thing. I also had to go pee what felt like every 5-10min throughout the entire concert. Good thing we sat in the back row! We debated on if we should leave the concert or not because the contractions were so regular, but then I figured since they were not 3-5 min apart that it was probably more false labor and I didn't have to leave yet. We left the concert a few minutes early to beat the traffic rush, then went to Sonic to get some food. I ate a hot dog with sauerkraut and tator tots. Then we went home and I told Joe I should probably take a couple pictures of me and him because I figured our baby would be born soon. So these pictures are taken around midnight I guess technically the 10th of December. We went to bed around 12:30am and at 2:40am I woke up with a strong contraction. I got up to go pee and then went back to bed. Then I had another contraction and then 5 min later another one and 5 min later another one, then it continued to progress 3-4 minutes... I woke up Joe and said hey I think it is time!!! ... to be continued at next blogpost...

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