Thursday, November 17, 2011

3rd Trimester: 35 wks - 36 wks

This week continued to be busy from the previous week! We had bought our travel system, mattress and some other things the week before, and looked for a different crib then was on our registery. We found one this week and bought it so Joe put it together, and we sorted through all the baby clothes and gifts to see what we still need to buy! The nursery is coming together nicely, but still needs lots of organizing. Atleast all the furniture is put together and in the room! Hopefully by next week it will be done or close to it!
As far as symptoms go, pretty much the usual, more frequent and stronger braxton hicks which cause pain across lower abdomen, and lower back and sometimes my thighs. I guess a better way of describing the braxton hicks/contractions is that when I get them yes its the pain, cramping and aching, but its even more so coming with pressure in my pelvic floor! I'm hoping it means the big day is coming sooner! I have a very hard time sleeping because its nearly impossible to get comfortable! If I sleep on my right side, my shoulder /shoulerd blade hurts and has been bothering me for weeks. However, the position of the baby makes it more comfortable on my stomach to sleep on my right. If I sleep on my left side which Doc's all say is "ideal" the position of the baby makes it quite uncomfortable on my stomach and He does NOT like it much. hee hee hee :) Then of course sleeping on my back would feel best for my shoulder, and my stomach wouldn't feel pulled and uncomfortable, but then Doc's don't want me sleeping on my back... not to mention then I can't breath well because baby is getting bigger, and then I get more back/abdomen pain and braxton hicks. So really its all difficult, and even though it sounds like I am complaining, we make the best of it, and we laugh about how pathetic I am every night when I try to get in bed or roll over... its quite a sight! HA HA HA. I am also having more swelling and fluid retention in my hands, face and ankles. I can barely get my wedding band on and I can't get my diamond ring on at all, so I have to wear them on a necklace now, which makes me sad!

WEEK 36:
More painful contractions with more pressure! I am getting excited for the changes I have been noticing in the last week. Even though it means more discomfort, it more importantly means that our little man is coming soon! YAY! We love him so much and can't wait to see his little face and hold him in our arms! He is starting to drop lower, and some people have noticed! I have gained a total of 23 lbs so far... not bad! Still have sciatic nerve pain, leg cramps, dizziness, mild swelling, now slight nausea is coming back a little, as well as indigestion and heart burn, but not horrible!

 The nursery is coming together nicely. Still needs some more organization, but making big progress! Joe put all the furniture into position, so the lay out is done and nice :) I washed all the baby clothes and blankets, etc. My mom came down to help me fold/hang and put away all the baby laundry. She also helped me unpack and put away the last couple boxes from the move a couple weeks ago!

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