Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2nd Trimester: Weeks 26-27

Week 26:
This was an interesting week, mainly because we experienced flooding from Hurricane Irene, then even more flooding closing many roadways and businesses from Tropical Storm Lee. We took many pictures to document our baby's first flood.

As far as the pregnancy goes things are as good as they can be. I began to get more uncomfortable when I try to sleep, and wake up a lot. I feel movement all the time it seems like. The little guy is getting stronger and was beginning to make me jump with his strong kicks. Sometimes they hurt or tickle, depending on what he is moving! My husband and I also enjoy putting our cell phones on my belly and playing music and watching my stomach dance with our son's responsiveness! We think he loves to dance, and has lots of rhythm with how he makes my belly shake to the beat. Back pain is still around every day, mainly the sciatica. I also experience more dizziness too.

Week 27:
We were on vacation during part of my 26th and 27th weeks of pregnancy! We and my side of the family rented a home in the OBX for a week. We had a great time with ocean and sound views in Nags Head, North Carolina. Our son also got even stronger and made me say ouch even more depending on where he kicked! My husband says "That's my boy" whenever he moves! :) We continue to play music to him on our phones because it is fun  to see him move them :) I had continued sciatica and dizziness this week too. Braxton Hicks are a daily occurrence and seem to get harder. The also get worse if I get dehydrated!