Friday, September 9, 2011

2nd Trimester: Weeks 21-25

Week 21: Not a whole lot has changed since the last post. Well maybe the fact that Braxton Hicks are definitely in the picture now! As well as some increased pain in my back from the sciatic nerve. Baby also moves even more!

  21 weeks!

Week 22: Baby's movements are very regular and he is most active in the evenings when I lay down in bed. We also had the excitement of trying the experiment of putting a flashlight on my belly to see if he would react! Wherever we moved the flashlight he would kick it and the light would bounce. It was so fun to interact with him! His kicks are also getting stronger, in fact when he kicks up high it can actually hurt!
22 wks 2 days above

23 weeks: I threw up again and this was the second time that I had the unfortunate experience of lack of bladder control during pregnancy. SO when I threw up I also peed myself! Not a pleasant experience, but I do have to laugh about it, because it can be very normal for pregnant women to have a lack of control when baby sits right on your bladder! So as gross as it is... luckily it has only happened to me when I was home! Make sure you do your Kegel exercises!!! I was feeling very congested this week.                23 wks 1 day 

24 weeks: My week was pretty good. I had a lot of braxton hicks contractions and they seem to just get stronger and stronger every week! Baby doesn't like them either, he gets mad and fights them which is somewhat painful/uncomfortable. I thought people said braxton hicks didn't hurt! I also had some round ligament pain and pain in the broad ligament or whatever my midwife called it.

                                                         24 weeks 

25 weeks: I feel pretty good during the day, but night is another story!!! I do not sleep well most nights and get up 1-2 times a night to pee... which will just get worse as I get bigger. I have been getting some carpel tunnel which I hear is also common during pregnancy, although my midwife says that it seems a bit early to get it. Still have sciatic nerve pain in my back, which is worse if I do any type of house work. My stomach feels very stretched at night when I lay down and try to get comfortable. My wrist and arms and hands can ache more at night also. I do tend to sleep a little more soundly if I stay up late! I fell down the last 1-2 steps outside our apartment and got a braxton hicks right away, but I was ok and didn't get hurt. On a better note, the baby is awesome! He moves a lot especially after a meal, or at bed time when I lay down. He also has a party in my belly whenever I take a bath and relax with some music. He dances to the beat and my entire stomach ripples and bounces and pokes out! We love to watch him. So cute and so fun and exciting. Bedtime and bath time are already my favorite times with him. His kicks at night also tickle me when I lay on my left side, its like he is tip toeing on my side against the bed! His kicks are also strong enough to make me jump regularly!!! Joe jumps sometimes too when he feels him. Sometimes I think that if he moves too much I get a braxton hicks. He tends to have most of his body on the right side which probably is the reason why my back always hurts on that side on my nerve! Sometimes I try to push on him and he pushed back hee hee hee :) I love him so much.... I can't say it enough!